Ginger Grammar Checker Review

There’s nothing more embarrassing than hitting “send” on an important email before you find a spelling or grammatical error. You’ve wasted your only chance to make a positive first impression. How can you prevent this? A high-quality grammar checker can help, and Ginger Grammar Checker ensures that your text is clear and correct.

360 Degree Approach

One of Ginger’s core features is its 360-degree approach. It can help you in any software, platform or operating system.

In addition to Microsoft, some of the platforms Ginger can be used on include Mac, iOS, and Android. You can also download extensions on Google Chrome, Edge, and Safari to enhance your writing experience.

It’s for mobile devices, too! Perform grammar checks on your Android and Apple devices anytime, anywhere.

Grammar, spelling and punctuation

Ginger’s Grammar Review detects thousands of writing problems – from mechanical errors and capitalization mistakes to more subtle issues such as correct pronoun usage, phrasal verbs, and more. Because it corrects such a wide range of errors, Ginger is ideally suited as a foreign language writing aid for non-native writers. It is much more accurate than the native spell check of Microsoft Office applications and keeps track of your common errors to help you avoid them in the future.

Text Reader

Ginger Software also comes with a text-to-speech feature. With this advanced feature of Ginger Software, a human, non-robotic voice can read aloud any text in documents, emails and websites. Reading is done in perfect authentic English. This serves several purposes – to help you hear if sentences sound correct and to familiarize you with the correct pronunciation of each word. With this, you can rest assured that your text will flow naturally.

The text reader comes with several customizable options. The text can be read aloud in a male or female voice with an American or British accent. We were able to set the reading speed and volume. We also noticed that the words being read are highlighted so that you can easily keep track of them.

Ginger Translation

You can use Ginger to translate between over 40 different languages, which is an amazing discovery for our Ginger reviews. First, click the globe icon on the Ginger page and set the input language and target language for your text. While the translation feature is far from perfect, it will make your job as an editor or translator much faster. And it’s totally free!

Synonyms Finder

The browser extension has a built-in synonym section that will help expand your vocabulary. It won’t improve your writing overnight, but it will certainly increase the engagement of your writing with your practice.

Personal Coach

Not only does Ginger allow you to correct grammar, but there is a built-in personalized error for providing practice tests to improve the subject matter. This feature is particularly useful for non-English speakers, who benefit from it mainly to improve their English, as it focuses on your own mistakes and works on them. So, it’s an English course tailored to you!


Ginger is a language enhancement software that helps correct grammatical errors and rewrite sentences. In today’s world, writing articles, emails or notifications has become an important part of any organization. Ginger gives you the opportunity to write content with confidence.

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