Grammarly Grammar Checker Review

Is Grammarly good for you?

Is Grammarly worth it?

How can Grammarly help you overcome simple complex grammar and punctuation errors? You’ll find the answers to all these questions in this Grammarly review!

Works Almost Anywhere

Grammarly works almost anywhere – you can use it on your computer or mobile device. Whether you want to text, post on Facebook, tweet, comment on a blog, or write a blog post, it’s there for you.

To that end, Grammarly is available both as an app and as a browser extension for Grammarly in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Grammarly Checking

It has a very effective grammar checking feature that can greatly help writers and bloggers. It has a very high accuracy, which is quite surprising for an automation tool. The free version checks 150 key grammar and spelling checks. The premium version checks more than 250 grammar and spelling checks to help you become a better writer. This feature is useful for people who make a lot of mistakes in the writing process. In addition, its user interface is responsive and easy to use. This is because Grammarly performs when the user starts writing and provides results when writing stops.

Plagiarism checker

A feature that is rarely found in other advanced applications is plagiarism checking. But it is included in Grammarly.

If you look at the image of the editor above, you can see the tool in the bottom right corner. You can simply click on the menu link and your text will be checked against billions of online pages.

Vocabulary Enhancement

Often, if you’re editing or proofreading an article or blog, you may be focused on just finding errors to make sure the content is clean and accurate.

Grammarly’s extra step is that it will also suggest additional vocabulary that may enhance an already written draft to make it more exciting and compelling to read.

User Simplicity

Regardless of your skill level, the software is quite easy to use. Install the plugin or browser extension and you’re ready to go!

Grammarly will underline incorrect grammar or words. From there, you hover over it to see what the suggested change is and decide whether to accept it. It can also update in real time as you complete great writing projects, interim papers, or important work emails. Grammarly is perfect for those who find grammar out of their comfort zone. It’s a simple solution for producing quality results.


The most frustrating thing that can happen to a content writer is the theft of their work. You create something wholeheartedly just to have it pirated. People try to save money and trust those free grammar error checkers. They don’t realize that these tools put their data at a very high risk of piracy. Grammarly, on the other hand, has many security features, such as AES-256 encryption to protect your work.


Grammarly is one of the best grammar checkers that you can use to quickly proofread your content. It costs little money compared to professional editors and it will improve your content just like any other writing tool.

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