Hemingway Review

Are you looking for a Hemingway App review to help you determine if it’s best for your needs?

Read on to learn how the Hemingway App works and if it can help you write a better book.

Writing and Editing

Hemingway allows writers to let go of the editing and writing functions, allowing them to focus on writing. A key secret to a smarter writing process is not to edit the first draft while you’re writing. Editing can stop the flow of creativity. So first, write down the story or idea. Next, use the editor’s hat. Both modes are fast, so it’s easy to switch between them.

Formatting options

Hemingway offers formatting options such as various headings, bold and italic text, and compelling elements such as bullets, quotation marks, and numbered lists.

This is useful for bloggers. You can organize your writing style in Hemingway and then use the formatting options above to get your text completely ready for publishing.

Color highlights

Hemingway identifies potential problem areas in your writing and marks your text by highlighting colors on your words and sentences. These highlights indicate different things depending on their color.

Yellow: These are sentences that Hemingway thinks are a little too long or complex. It suggests separating or simplifying sentences marked in yellow.

Red: highlights any sentences that are confusing or difficult to read.

Purple: indicates words or phrases with simpler options. Hovering over these will show you alternatives that you can use.

Green: is passive voice. Remember, all writing classes will encourage you to write in active sentences whenever possible.

Blue: These words are adverbs or hesitant and weak language. Hemingway recommends omitting these words.

Easily post completed work to the web

From the app, you can easily publish your work to WordPress or Medium, either as a draft or as a live post. You can even import text as HTML to publish them to web pages or any blogging platform.

Easy to use

The Hemingway app is one of the easiest editors to use. All you need to do is copy and paste. This is the best part of the Hemingway app – the ease of use allows you to use it quickly and often.

If you want to urgently edit a message before you send it, you can do it in minutes. You can easily improve your writing strategy with this application.


All things considered, this is still an excellent writing tool – especially for short or informal writing. It doesn’t do the work of a full-fledged editing tool. That’s fine. But it will give you a good idea of where your work stands in the target community.

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